Professional medical device for easy and advanced assessment of respiratory function.


A professional medical device based on FOT, developed for a complete, in-depth functional assessment of respiratory system. RESMON PRO FULL is a diagnostic complement to spirometry for pulmonologists, pediatrician, allergists to easily and automatically assess:

  1. Degree and site of airway obstruction (central , small)
  2. presence of tidal expiratory flow limitation using the patented index ∆XRs obstruction
  3. eversibility and bronchoprovocation tests
  4. breathing pattern parameters

Moreover, thanks to its network capabilities and flexible data exporting features RESMON PRO FULL is an optimal tool for search protocols and pharmacological trials.



  • European CE Mark (MDD 93/42/EEC)
  • US FDA 510k clearance
  • Health Canada
  • Australia TGA


POINT 2016 (Product of outstanding Interest), European respiratory Society (ERS).

Come and see our products RESMON PRO FULL and DIARY at the next ERS 2018 annual conference in Paris!

We are proud to announce that both our product RESMON PRO FULL and DIARY will be present at the next ERS 2018 Annual Conference that will be held in Paris from the 15th to the 18th of September 2018. The products will be displayed at the booths of our international...

A new paper on the use of RESMON PRO FULL to evaluate the effects of airway clearance on patients with cystic fibrosis is available online!

Prof Wallaert and its research group in Belgium used the RESMON PRO FULL to investigate the effects of autogenic drainage technique on ventilatory mechanics in adult with cystic fibrosis. According to the authors: "The FOT opens up new avenues of mechanistic research...

ERCA-JIVD 2018 Satellite Symposium: New Non-invasive COPD Screening of EFL Within Home Therapy now available online!

During this satellite symposium, held at the latest ERCA (European Respiratory Care Association) and JIVD (Journées Internationales de Ventilation à Domicile) congress, Prof. Peter Calverley, Prof. Raffaele Dellacà, dr. Romano and prof. David White will walk you...

RESMON PRO FULL and DIARY at the annual ERS conference in Milan

  RESTECH will be present at the next European Respiratory Society annual congress in Milan with both its products. RESMON PRO FULL will be presented at the booth of our distributor MGCDiagnostic (Hall 3, Stand 03). RESMON PRO DIARY will be exhibited by VIVISOL...

RESMON PRO FULL win the ERS POINT award 2016

RESMON PRO FULL has been awarded, between 18 nominees, by the European Respiratory Society with the POINT (Product of Outstanding Interest) award in the category of "Diagnostic Devices". Three were the reasons why the award was assigned: 1) it has a "simple"...


Paediatrics, Sports medicine, Drug-effectiveness assessments, IRCCS (inpatient treatment and research hospitals), Specialist investigations, Research centres, Respiratory pathophysiology, Clinic diagnosis, Research centres


The device is based on the analysis of the respiratory system’s response to small pressure signals. The test consists in breathing quietly for a few minutes in a mouthpiece connected to the device. It is not required any forced manoeuvres, i.e no need of efforts as in spirometry. See the following instructional video for further details. (video MGCD)

Which stimulating frequencies are available?

The following signals are available to measure within breath impedance:
• Single frequencies: 5 Hz, 6 Hz, 8 Hz, 10 Hz
• Enhanced optimized psrn: 5-11-19 Hz

Which parameters can be measured?

1. Inspiratory, expiratory and total Resistance and Reactance for each stimulating frequency (not available in PSRN mode)
1. Breath by breath presence and degree of the expiratory flow limitation (EFL);
3. Heterogeneity of airway obstruction measured with the frequency dependence of the inspiratory resistance;
4. Breathing pattern parameters, i.e. ventilation, respiratory rate, tidal volume, duty cycle, mean inspiratory and expiratory flow

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